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Vaccination and Hospital Authorization Agreement

Current Vaccinations/Veterinarian Information: By signing this contract/agreement, owners/guardian verifies their dog(s) are current with their rabies vaccine and proof shall be provided to Coco Clips LLC. prior to any service such as grooming, bathing, nail clipping, and etc. Although we do not require your dog(s) to have all the vaccines other than required by law, we do recommend your dog(s) be fully vaccinated with what your veterinarian recommends to be fully protected for your area.


Proof of Rabies Vaccination and Refusal of Service: An updated rabies vaccination is required by law and any form of documentation of vaccine history is required to obtain any service from Coco Clips LLC.


Coco Clips LLC. reserves the right to refuse/stop services for your dog(s) at any time before or during any service.


Veterinary care, Medical Problems & Senior Dogs: Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful, especially for senior dogs or dogs with health problems, and can expose hidden medical problems or aggravate a current condition(s) during or after the groom. Senior dogs and dogs with health problems have a greater chance of injury; these dogs will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort, in a manner that will not add to their stress. In the best interest of your dog(s) this contract/agreement will allow Coco Clips LLC. to obtain immediate veterinary treatment for your dog should it be deemed necessary.




Aggressive or Dangerous Dogs: Owners must inform COCO CLIPS LLC. staff their dog(s) bites, has bitten, or is aggressive to people, other dogs or specific grooming procedures. Muzzles may/will be used when necessary. Muzzling will not harm your dog(s), and protects both the dog(s) and the Coco Clips LLC. staff and you will be charge a special handling fee in addition to the regular grooming charge(s) and the charge(s) are not negotiable. Any and all bites must be reported to the local animal management division.


COCO CLIPS LLC. Reserves the right to refuse service to any pet(s) that are deemed a danger to our staff.


Client Communication: It is the Owner’s responsibility to inform Coco Clips LLC. of any change in contact information. Every attempt will be made to contact the Owner of the dog(s) in our care, however if no contact can be made Coco Clips LLC. will assume authority to make any decisions and actions that are in the best interest of the dog(s) in our care.


ParasitesCoco Clips LLC. must be informed if you suspect your dog(s) has fleas, ticks or other parasites. If fleas or ticks are found during any service(s), your dog(s) will be treated with a product to kill the fleas and/or ticks and you will be charged in addition to your invoice. Ticks found will be removed for an additional charge in addition to your invoice. If ticks are found, we strongly suggest you have your dog(s) tested for Lyme disease. Should your dog(s) show evidence of internal parasites we reserve the right to end all service(s).


Late Pick-Ups : If your dog(s) are not picked up 1 hour after the grooming appointment is complete, a charge of $35.00 will apply to your invoice. “Late Fee”.


No-shows & Cancellations: We understand there may be emergency situations and will work with you. Please be respectful of our time as we are a by-appointment business. Note: Clients 15 minutes late risk losing their appointment without prior notice.


Any cancellations must be made at least be 48 hours before the scheduled appointment date.


Photos: Owner agrees upon signing this contract/agreement that
Coco Clips LLC. is allowed to take photos of their dog(s) before and after a groom to be used for advertising, posting on social media websites, third party affiliates, etc.


Policy Changes: It is also understood and agreed the terms of this agreement/contract can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all prior signed contracts or documents.

Matted Dog Release Agreement

Dogs with severely matted coats require extra attention

Coco Clips LLC. will not cause serious or undue stress to pets by de-matting

Release of Liability of Coco Clips LLC

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Payment Policy

Payment Policy

All client services must be paid in full prior to dogs leaving the salon

Coco Clips LLC Accepts the follow payment resources:

Discover Card
Debit Cards

If any payment is declined, or returned a $50.00 fee

Team member gratuity, may be added to total service. If gratuity is paid in cash, it will be placed in the team member’s gratuity envelope. Team members are encouraged to pick up their envelopes everyday after shift ends.